City of the Shroud Patch 1.05 Released!

Posted on November 09, 2018 by Shibusuke

We’re happy to announce that Patch 1.05, which contains our updated enemy AI, is now ready for you to play! The AI in this updates is much more clever and aggressive than the previous iteration, which should make combat much more lively and engaging.

Major Updates:

Revamped AI:

  • Enemies are more aggressive in their movement and usage of combos.

  • Enemies are better at picking out vulnerable targets and hitting them with clever combos. This speeds up combat and makes timing and use of defensive abilities much more critical, especially on higher difficulties. They may also pursue vulnerable targets if the target tries to run.

  • Enemies have under-the-hood “personality traits.” Each class has a base set of preferences (prefers being aggressive / defensive / using support abilities, etc.), and these can vary across individual units.

  • Enemies now have a better understanding of the map. They will now go after AP bonus tiles and the like more frequently, for example.

  • Enemies are now better about maintaining an optimal range for their class and preferences. For example, Gunners will generally try to keep their target at the edge of their range while avoiding being in range of their opponent, even if it means giving up an immediate opportunity to attack. Meanwhile, Mages are more aggressive and will generally tolerate a higher degree of risk if it means they can pull off a powerful attack.

We still have some more updates planned for the AI - specifically, we’re going to be working on giving the enemies ability-specific decision making, which didn’t quite make it into this patch. We got it in for a couple abilities, but we want to focus our time and energy on getting Chapter 2 ready first.

Also, if you want a recommendation from me, try playing the game on Hard with the game speed set to Fast and disable Wait Mode entirely. You should really feel the difference!

Of course, if you’ve got any feedback on what you’d like to see improved, please feel free to share it with us in the Steam forums!