Abyssal Arts
Based in USA/Japan/UK

Founding date:
September, 2014


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Abyssal Arts is an international indie game house headed by Keaton White. Its members share a love of games and whiskey, and so after much considered thought and a coin flip between a distillery and a game house, they went with the thing they actually knew how to do.


Origin Story

Abyssal Arts was formed for love. Keaton left his job as a production manager at Capcom Japan so he could be with the love of his life after years of being on different continents. Applying lessons learned at Capcom, he gathered a team of like-minded friends, and together, they formed Abyssal Arts to pursue their passion: making games. Now accompanied by fellow dreamers Ryan Becker, Moira Katson, Jon Slabaugh, and Grant Barber, they are hard at work building City of the Shroud, a tactical fighting game with a community-driven story.

Build Up

While laying the groundwork to build City of the Shroud, Abyssal Arts worked with Stealth Studios Inc. to help them resurrect Zombie Playground onto Steam Early Access after the game was previously Kickstarted by Massive Black. Keaton brought on his former Capcom Japan colleague's own startup Titutitech as a collaborator, and together their tiny team proceeded to do the impossible: reconstruct the original pre-alpha data into an enjoyable, 3rd-person, 4-player online coop action system in under 4 months. While this was going on, Abyssal Arts was prototyping their next project, an ambitious fusion of tactical RPG and fighting game: City of the Shroud™, a tactical/fighting game mash-up with a community-driven narrative. Excited about the interactive nature of games, Abyssal decided to build a game that truly engaged with its audience: instead of releasing a one-directional product, we would provide the setting and then create the story along with our players.

Present Day

The studio is now fully committed to development of City of the Shroud™ and is launching a Kickstarter on February 2, 2016.



Fan Reactions at Insomnia to City of the Shroud YouTube

How to Play City of the Shroud in 60 Seconds YouTube

Zombie Playground: Early Access Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

Personal tweets by Keaton at twitter.com/Shibusuke.

Personal tweets by Moira at twitter.com/moirakatson.

Development Blog
Read about the latest haps for Abyssal Arts at abyssalarts.com/blog.

Abyssal Arts Forums
You can always find us on our forums at abyssalarts.com/forums.

City of the Shroud™ Official Page
The official page for City of the Shroud™ is abyssalarts.com/shroud.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Keaton White
Managing Director, Producer

Ryan Becker
Lead Game Designer

Moira Katson
Narrative Lead

Jon Slabaugh
Web Designer, Systems Engineer

Chris Nairn
Composer, Sound Designer

Grant Barber
IT, Freelancer

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