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EGX, and Introducing the Duelist!

Posted on September 19, 2016 by Shibusuke

This is a big update! First, we’re taking City of the Shroud to EGX - formerly the Eurogamer Expo - from September 22 - 25! Chris and I will be heading up to the NEC in Birmingham, UK, to show off the game. We’ll be in the Rezzed Zone, so come on down and say hi!

We’ll also be next to Matt Gambell, who has helped us with all of our trailers and is the developer of RPG Tycoon. He’ll be showing off his new game, Living the Deal, along with Tom Pickard, who did the environment assets and the UI update for CotS. It’ll be a regular Brighton Indies party! Or, more accurately, “enthusiasm encouragement group” (aka swapping out coffee runs). We have a wonderful group of indie developers in Brighton, and we’re constantly finding ways to help each other, from coffee runs to production support to trailer editing. This is another extension of that!

But in even more exciting news, we are finally... Read more

New Gunner Abilities and Animations, Insomnia 58, and Games by the Sea!

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Shibusuke

How is your summer going? I recently acquired a wicked t-shirt shaped tan line by way of a nice, red sunburn. Who says developers never go outside? 

First, I want to give a big thank-you to Charlie Ewing, creator of Flow Point, and Liz Henwood of The Yarn Mouse (she’s doing our amigurumi!) and Sock Thuggery for showing City of the Shroud at Games by the Sea at Develop, where they were showing off local indie talent! Chris and I weren’t able to go to the event this year, but our friends stepped in to help us out. The game went over really well, and “lots of people played it for a really long time,” which of course is a good thing!  

On the game front, we’ve got a few things we’ll be adding to the Steam build for you to play around with soon - first, we’ve received all of the Gunner’s animations and have put them in the game!  

Attacks in CotS... Read more

Progress Update, New Art, and a Sneak Peak!

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Shibusuke

We've got a few fun updates for you, and to kick things off, we have finalized the in-game portrait for the beloved Hat Merchant. Here he is, in all his finery:


Take a moment to let that soak in. Also, dig that fez-patterned bow-tie. It's majestic.


I love the Hat Merchant.

Progress Update

Moving on: our primary goal with the Kickstarter was building the art for our remaining character classes, and we're making really good progress on that front. If you'll forgive me getting a wee bit detailed, we spoke with our friends at Playerium who are making the characters, and together, in addition to making the new characters, we decided that we would rework the existing models to look better, animate better, and allow for way more customization (without affecting our production schedule to boot!).

We aren't quite ready to show you the fruits of our labor (it's... Read more

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Read your opponent's moves and strike back before they know what's coming! City of the Shroud combines fighting game mechanics with tactical RPG gameplay through an intuitive combat system. Engage in a LIVE player driven campaign, where you will form alliances and fight for survival in a city held captive by a mysterious foe.

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