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Introducing the Defender, EGX Rezzed 2017, and Updated UI

Posted on March 09, 2017 by Shibusuke

First, we're  excited to announce that we're going to Rezzed 2017 at the Tobacco Docks in London from March 30 - April 1! Chris and I will be showing the latest demo of CotS (with some help from our friends), so be sure to swing by, say hello, and check it out!

The demo will have a bunch of updates:

  • New playable class - the Defender!

  • A preview of a boss battle (in a new environment!) from the main campaign!

  • Updated visual and sound effects!

  • Enhanced visuals and an updated UI!

Of course, if you’re not able to go to Rezzed, never fear - we’ll be sending the Rezzed demo out to our backers and pre-orders via Steam so that you can check it out first!

So, what does all this look like? Well, allow me to explain:

Introducing the Defender

This is from one of the new environments in the game. Can you guess the... Read more

Amigurumi, Pizza Party, and "Doing It Right"

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Shibusuke

Happy New Year! The CotS team had a productive pre-holiday season, and we’ve been hard at work since we got back. What have we been up to? Read on to find out!

First, over the holidays I hand-delivered the amigurumi backer rewards to our “Patron” backers - we’re all so, so thrilled with how these turned out. A huge shout-out to Liz at The Yarn Mouse for her awesome work making our characters. 

Liz also did a fantastic write-up over on her blog of how she made them, including all those hats, full of concept art we made for her and and in-progress photos. Click the link to read! 

I couldn’t resist, so here are a few photos of my own of the final result (Liz’s photos are much better): 



Also over the holidays, we held our Omega Backer Pizza Party! From around the globe we gathered and feasted on fancy pizza in honor of our glorious supporters. I showed... Read more

Moving the Release, Progress Update, and Sneak-Peak at New Classes

Posted on December 07, 2016 by Shibusuke

We’ve got a bunch of ground to cover, so I’m going to go ahead and dive right in. 

First, after a lot of deliberation, we’ve decided to move the release date of the game to the summer. City of the Shroud is on track to be basically finished by February/March, but there are some potential challenges for the team if we push to release by that date. We want to make sure to deliver a rock solid game, so we’ve decided to play it safe and put it out a little later. 

There are a few reasons, but the biggest issue is that my S.O. and I will have to move internationally sometime between February and April - I had hoped to be able to avoid this timing, but we were not so lucky! With the destination and timing likely to remain a mystery until February at the earliest, it’s best for City of the Shroud if we are stably set up and I can focus everything on the game and... Read more

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Read your opponent's moves and strike back before they know what's coming! City of the Shroud combines fighting game mechanics with tactical RPG gameplay through an intuitive combat system. Engage in a LIVE player driven campaign, where you will form alliances and fight for survival in a city held captive by a mysterious foe.

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