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City of the Shroud Comes to Steam August 9!

Posted on June 25, 2018 by Shibusuke



We’re launching the game on August 9 on Steam! Chapter 1 will be available for Windows and Mac for you to experience, and influence, the story of Iskendrun and its inhabitants.

Chapter 1 is big! It’s got five narrative branches, multiple boss fights, tons of quests, rebindable controls (you can play with one hand on a controller!), multiple difficulties, adjustable game speed, adjustable text speed, our Balance of Power story-influencing system - and that’s not even everything. There’s a lot going on!

We’ve been working extra hard to get the game to this point, and there’s still plenty of bug fixing and polish to do between now and release, but we’re really happy with how the game has come together.

In fact, last month we added a frequently requested feature we call “Wait Mode.”

What is Wait Mode?

When we took the game to shows, we’d often get asked if... Read more

PAX Demo on Steam & PAX Report

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Shibusuke

I hope you’re excited for City of the Shroud’s impending release this summer! It’s been quite the journey, and there’ll be even more once the story gets underway, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know what we’re up to!

You can probably guess, but we’re working hard to polish up the game to get it ready for launch! We’re currently hooking up the final bits of conversational logic, testing out all of the battles to find any remaining bugs, and making some final adjustments to improve the user experience (UI adjustments, etc.).

This means playing the heck out of the game, trying to break it as much as possible. To give you an idea of the kinds of things we’re working on, yesterday I found that one of our portal effects, which uses wind physics to swirl little glowy bits around and into itself, would suck other particles - like attack effects - into it if the characters using them were... Read more

City of the Shroud is coming this Summer! New Trailer! New Announcements, Including a Future Console Release!

Posted on March 01, 2018 by Shibusuke



It’s happening! We’re getting ready to launch City of the Shroud this summer! Ahhhh!

We’ve been working super hard to get the game ready for launch, and we’re almost there. It’s been a long road, but we’re nearly at the end of it - or the beginning, rather!

We are so excited to get the story underway and see what you all do with it. We have tons of ideas about where the story could go and how it could develop, but ultimately it will be up to you and everyone else who plays to determine how the story plays out.

We’re also really happy with how the gameplay has come together - several members of the team have spent thousands of hours playing the game, and we still have a blast. Hopefully you will too!

The footage in the trailer above is all up-to-date, though YouTube compressed it quite a bit. The game looks great at any setting... Read more

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Read your opponent's moves and strike back before they know what's coming! City of the Shroud combines fighting game mechanics with tactical RPG gameplay through an intuitive combat system. Engage in a LIVE player driven campaign, where you will form alliances and fight for survival in a city held captive by a mysterious foe.

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