About Us

Abyssal Arts is an independent game studio built on collaborating with talented people around the world, being an active member of the local development community, and making games that explore the interactive nature of games as a medium.

Abyssal Arts was founded by Keaton White, a former Production Manager in Global R&D at Capcom Japan, when he moved 6,000 miles across the planet to marry his college sweetheart. Teaming up with Moira Katson, who topped Amazon's charts in Sci-Fi and Fantasy as a self-published author 3 times in 3 years, and Ryan Becker, an immensely talented fellow game designer, we began exploring how to create interactive stories and worlds with a human touch, which ultimately lead to City of the Shroud®. Working with fellow industry veterans, programmers, and artists, Abyssal Arts' goal is to create games that push narrative boundaries while maintaining a satisfying action-game crunch.