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Summer 2018



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Every decision by every player influences the story for everyone.

The story has only begun - the players will finish it. Your choices, and the choices of every player, will drive a living story and determine the fate of the city of Iskendrun. Paired with an explosive real-time, combo-based battle system, your decisions will change the story forever. Choose your allies wisely.


When we set out to make City of the Shroud®, we centered our design around a connection with the players. We wanted the experience to be crafted so that the players and the game itself reacted to one another instead of providing a one-way experience - in other words, we wanted a truly player-driven narrative. We realized that all the tools to do just that were available to us, and that we had a team capable of pulling off this crazy undertaking. The decision to pursue our passion has dramatically influenced both the game and our lives, inspiring us to embrace independence and the creative freedom to chase our passions. It also enabled Keaton to move halfway around the planet to marry the love of his life, so that’s pretty cool too.


  • The story is a living episodic campaign: in each chapter, every player's actions impact how the world, changing how the story unfolds for the entire community in the next chapter
  • 4 chapters: each chapter is crafted based on the cumulative influence of every player's choices and actions from the previous episodes
  • Real-time, combo-based battle system: think on your feet and chain your attacks together to defeat your opponents
  • Play your way: an optional “Wait Mode” pauses the action while you enter combos, and you can choose to slow down or speed up the gameplay to suit your playstyle
  • Multiple difficulty options let you choose between focusing on narrative and testing your tactical prowess
  • Online PVP multiplayer
  • Deep combo and stat system lets you customize your team to suit your playstyle
  • Steamworks support for customizing the appearance of your units in battle
  • A distinctive world, beautifully realized in 2D and 3D


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About Abyssal Arts

Abyssal Arts is an international indie game house headed by Keaton White. Its members share a love of games and whiskey, and so after much considered thought and a coin flip between a distillery and a game house, they went with the thing they actually knew how to do.

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City of the Shroud Credits

Keaton White
Managing Director, Producer

Ryan Becker
Lead Game Designer

Moira Katson
Narrative Lead

Jon Slabaugh
Web Designer, Systems Engineer

Chris J. Nairn
Composer, Sound Designer

Grant Barber
IT Manager

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